"Make your admission office Paperless"

Experience the Modern Way of Admissions with our Online Admission System – OAS. Seamlessly designed for contemporary admission offices, OAS revolutionizes the admission process by eradicating paperwork, enhancing organization, and offering real-time insights into your applicant pool. From across the globe, candidates can effortlessly apply using an intuitive interface, track their application status, and complete payments online. Embrace the convenience of integrated email and SMS services for effective communication.

Online Admission System, is a web-based solution designed to expedite, streamline, and organize admissions by eliminating paperwork, improving organization, and offering real-time insight into applicant pools, thus transforming the admissions process for modern offices.

OAS provides a simple and efficient interface for candidates worldwide to apply online, monitor their real-time application status, and make online payments, all while offering easy communication through email and SMS services

OAS equips higher management with analytical dashboards for analyzing program trends, applicants' demographic and geographical data, and application statistics, empowering them with the insights needed for strategic decision-making.

Feature set

Simplified Registration Process

Enjoy a straightforward and efficient interface for online application submission and continuous application monitoring.

Responsive Design

Experience seamless adaptability to user preferences and device capabilities through responsive design.

Automated Efficiency

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper-based processes, embracing an end-to-end automated admission solution.

Interactive User Experience

Embrace a fully interactive design enriched with contextual tips, simplified error messages, prompt responses to actions, and strategically positioned elements.

Configurable Form Creation

Customize your application form(s) with ease, managing form sections and fields to align with your unique requirements.

Multi-Campus Management

Seamlessly manage and execute admission cycles for each campus independently, ensuring comprehensive flexibility.

Auto Program Eligibility Checks

Establish configurable eligibility rules that automatically evaluate applicants' eligibility for admission across various programs and degree levels.

Adaptive Checklist Mechanism

Benefit from an intelligent checklist system that auto-generates and updates admission checklists based on applicants' program selections and preferences.

Application Tracking

Enable applicants to conveniently track their application status anytime and anywhere, enhancing transparency and engagement.

Simplified Invoicing & Online Payments

Generate invoices with ease and facilitate online payments for applicants, supported by automated dunning letters and SMS payment confirmations.

Seamless SMS / Email Communication

Seamlessly send SMS and email notifications to applicants based on numerous events, all within a user-friendly interface for event configuration.

Efficient Barcode Integration

Expedite document processing with streamlined barcode scanning capabilities, boosting operational efficiency.

Real-Time Statistical Insights

Empower executives with dashboards that offer real-time monitoring and analysis of admission process statistics, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Integration & Reporting Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, and leverage web services for integration with third-party systems. Intuitive reporting tools enable custom report creation.

Detailed Logs for Audit Trails

Conduct system audits effortlessly by referencing comprehensive logs that track applicant and administrative actions.

Security & Reliability

Adheres to robust security standards, ensuring a secure and reliable operational environment.