"Empower Your Campus, Transform Education."

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed to help educational institutions manage their academic and administrative processes. The system provides institutions with a range of tools to help them manage student information, financial aid, curriculum, enrollment, and more.

As a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, we are committed to delivering top-quality services to educational institutions seeking to implement the Peoplesoft Campus Solution. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of the software suite, and are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive support to our clients at every stage of the implementation process.

Peoplesoft Campus Solution provides a range of features to support the needs of educational institutions, including student enrollment and registration, financial aid management, academic advising, and degree planning. The solution also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools to help institutions track student performance and outcomes, as well as mobile apps and self-service portals to improve student engagement.

Peoplesoft Campus Solution can benefit your institution in several ways, including streamlining administrative processes, improving student engagement, enhancing data analytics, and reducing costs associated with managing multiple systems and applications. By providing an integrated, end-to-end solution for all administrative processes, institutions can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes and institutional performance.

Peoplesoft Campus Solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and applications, including student information systems, learning management systems, and financial systems. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a tailored implementation plan that takes into account your existing systems and infrastructure, and ensures a smooth and efficient integration process. Additionally, the solution provides open standards-based integration tools to facilitate data exchange and interoperability.

Feature set

Student Information Management

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions allows institutions to manage student information including biographical data, academic progress, financial aid, and more. The system provides a single view of student data that can be accessed by faculty, staff, and administrators.

Curriculum Management

The system enables institutions to create and manage academic programs, courses, and requirements. It also helps in managing faculty workload and course schedules.

Enrollment Management

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions provides tools for managing the student enrollment process, including admissions, registration, and waitlist management. It allows institutions to automate the enrollment process, reducing administrative workload and improving student experience.

Financial Aid Management

The system offers tools for managing financial aid programs, including grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study programs. It also enables institutions to track the disbursement of funds and monitor compliance with regulations.

Analytics and Reporting

The system enables institutions to create and manage academic programs, courses, and requirements. It also helps in managing faculty workload and course schedules.